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School Overview

Cloud Campus, TK-12, founded in 2020, serves as as an online academy for Newport-Mesa Unified School District. We work to empower a virtual community of lifelong learners to become their best selves.

  • Rigorous, high-quality instruction aligned to California State Standards and use of district-adopted curriculum that are the same as in-person
  • Research-based schedule that balances appropriate ratios of live and independent instruction
    • Live: Video conferencing, chat, streaming video
    • Independent instruction: Email, screencasts
  • Lessons and activities specifically designed for virtual learning
    • UC and Cal State-approved courses
    • GATE, AP and pre-AP courses
    • Concurrent enrollment opportunities at OCC and Coastline
  • Classes taught by N-MUSD teachers, experienced in the technologies used in virtual learning
  • Deep commitment to teaching, learning, adaptability, and supporting the online experience for students
  • Increased flexibility in time, place and pace of instruction
  • Various academic supports such as reading specialists, intervention and enrichment
    • 24-hour tutoring available for secondary students through PAPER 
  • WASC accredited
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Dr. Racquel Stephens