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Student Resources

Successful Cloud Campus Students...
  1. Set an alarm each morning
  2. Create a positive workspace
  3. Attend every zoom class
  4. Communicate with their teachers & participate in class discussions
  5. Use a daily planner to plan to prioritize zoom times, homework and studying
  6. Check Schoology every day for class updates
  7. Take advantage of Office Hours to get help & ask questions
Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous Learning

  • Learning together on zoom.
  • Live online meetings when the whole class or smaller groups get together.
  • In synchronous learning, students usually go through the learning path together, accompanied by their instructor, who is able to provide support while students are completing tasks and activities.

Asynchronous Learning

  • Learning on own.
  • In asychronous learning, instructors set up a learning path, which students engage with at their own pace.
  • Learning can occur at different times and spaces particular to each learner, as opposed to synchronous learning at a same time and place with groups of learners and their instuctor, or one learner and one instructor.