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Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

The TAG program guarantees your admission to a UC directly from a 2-year community college.

How to pursue TAG:

1. Use the UC Transfer Admission Planner to complete the TAG application, and review it with your community college counselor and/or UC campus TAG adviser. You’ll need to submit it Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 for the fall term (May 1–31 for the winter/spring term).

2. Fulfill all remaining coursework and GPA requirements in your TAG agreement.

3. Fill out the application for admission to UC and submit it Nov. 1–30.

By participating in TAG, you may receive early review of your academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework.

Keep in mind: TAG applications are now due Oct. 15, but you can only apply for a TAG at one campus. To keep your options open, apply to other UC campuses during the regular application cycle (Nov. 1-30).

The TAG matrix [PDF] provides a list of participating campuses and campus-specific requirements to qualify.

In California there are 2.1 million students attending 116 community colleges. Be sure to look at their certification programs ranging from craft brewing to engineering to automotive technology, many of which can be completed in just 1 year. Also check out their TAG/Transfer Admission Guarantee program. Click here to learn more.

With 23 campuses and thousands of degree choices, the CSU is a great place to start your journey. Click here to compare all 23 schools by size, location, activities and other criteria to find the campus that's the perfect fit for you and even take a virtual tour! Click here to learn more.

Every one of UC’s nine campuses has something amazing to offer—and each is different from the next. Different programs. Different people. Different things to see and do. UC's are among the top Universities in the world. They are also highly competitive. Check out their admission rates here.

Click here to learn more.

There are 83 private colleges and universities in California enrolling 262,566 students. Private colleges are usually smaller in size, more expensive than public schools and often academically rigorous. Explore this list below to find the California private college match for you. Click here to learn more.

With the use of technology becoming so commonplace everywhere today, distance learning has also become a popular and convenient means for students to get a quality education. There are multiple programs available.

Vocational schools, trade schools, and technical schools help you train for jobs that require specific technical skills. You can choose to earn a certificate, degree, or diploma for a variety of technical skills, including automotive technician, computer technician, hairstylist, medical assistant, and much more.

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